Marleau is back in Vancouver

Following two-years living and working abroad, Marleau has returned to Vancouver and can be found at Oh Hey Style on the second floor of the historic Duncan Bldg at 226-119 W. Pender St.
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with you.

In combination with her now 20 years experience, Marleau uses in depth consultation to get acquainted with you and your ideas, working with you and your hair type to help you feel awesome. Her recent experience in both New York and Berlin has equipped Marleau with fresh new skills to compliment her enthusiasm for hair styling.

* 3 days
a week
My clients are happy.

Gender-Free Pricing.
Tax Included—Cash Only.

Haircut $45-85
Single Process
Double Process
+ Highlights
Balayage + Ombre $120+


Marleau is without question, my favourite hairstylist. While she was away from Vancouver I opted to let my hair grow out with only minimal upkeep. Myself - and my wife - are exceptionally happy that Marleau has returned to keep me looking attractive and updated.

— Matija Erceg

I adore my visits to Marleau. She understands hair like nobody else, which allows me to relax and just let her work her magic on my head. When the dreaded “what do you want to do with your hair?” question comes, I don’t have to explain much… she just gets it. Oh, and her space is warm and lovely, just like Marleau.

— Jorge Amigo

Getting my hair cut and coloured with Marleau is an undeniable experience. What a treat this woman is! She's kind, super creative, worldly, and a great listener. I always walk away from her chair feeling gorgeous and enlightened. We are so lucky to have her back in Vancouver.

— Kimberly Richards

Marleau is my tried, trusted, and truest hairstylist. I have baby fine hair and I love to change it up regularly. Marleau has always steered me away from the ledge when it comes to making wild demands on my fragile locks yet she consistently makes me look and feel super stylish. She takes great care of you as a client with her one-on-one booking approach and I really love that.

— Kerry Weinrauch

Marleau’s approach to haircutting is effortlessly intuitive. I immediately feel so at ease in her hands and trust her completely. She has always been very thoughtful and accommodating, listening carefully to my needs and intentions - responding to me in a very personalized and mindful way which always leaves me feeling my most beautiful self. I have always been so grateful to Marleau’s honesty regarding what is best for my hair, and her ethics towards a long-term holistic perspective - especially regarding colour. I have never been happier with my hair, and I am quite certain this is in direct response to Marleau’s many talents and efforts over the last year. She is a true gem, uniquely gifted in her techniques and approach to her craft.

— Leanne MacKay

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